Thirty Day Challenge – FINISHED – Ghost


After (a little more than) thirty days, I’m finally finished! It’s both a relieving and bittersweet moment. I am glad to be finished so I can focus on other things for the time being – but I really want to work on my story still!

Having thirty day challenges are funny in some ways. You really do remember each day well. Within this month alone, I not only wrote and worked a lot, I moved, I made new friends, expanded my artistry, and most importantly, grew a lot more as a person. (I think we’ll always be growing as people, but that’s besides the point).

As for writing, today was mostly touching up little parts here and there. It was not anything too fancy, but it was enough for me to be satisfied.

What I’ll probably be doing in the next few days is take some needed time off from the story, but also give away a bit of what the story is about in more detail. I realized I haven’t really told many people what its about.

I suppose you deserve to have at least SOME idea.

To top it off, I remember saying how I was going to post pictures of my progress, or of notes, or of drawings. I haven’t done any of that.

I guess I’ll have to show you all soon!


To finish off the final day, I went to Devin Townsend’s “Ghost.” It’s one of the prettiest albums I own. “Devin Townsend two days in a row?” I know, but the album has some amazing songs on there which are very sentimental for me. Not to mention it was very heart-warming to listen to while writing.

Thank you for following me on this thirty-day journey!

Until my next time, friends.


Thirty Day Challenge – Day Twenty-Nine – Epiclouder

Writing like a fox!

But not really. I can’t imagine foxes could hold pens, let alone type on keyboards that well.

Anyway, I’m finished the scene I needed to finish! I think I’ll be taking tomorrow real easy just for editing! Ahhhhh! The calm down at the end of this thirty day challenge is well-needed. I’m both thrilled and sad that it’s over – but I do need a break. I’m in dire need of it.

I can’t wait to start the next one.


Tonight I had to listen to Devin Townsend’s demo album which came with the special edition release of his album “Epicloud,” called “Epiclouder.” The song Little Pig alone makes the album wonderful.

And so comes tomorrow. . .

Thirty Day Challenge – Day Twenty-Eight – Silverthorn

Here’s another night where I’m not spending as much time writing as I should have. These past few days have been major flops. I’m overworking myself.

The decorating from yesterday still isn’t completed and I’m definitely heading to bed shortly. This is redonk-a-donk!

Fortunately enough, I’m almost done the “final scene” before the excitement, so I’m really looking forward to locking that in. Given I have two days left of the challenge, it shouldn’t be too big of an issue.


Tonight was only part of Kamelot’s “Silverthorn” album. It’s harmonious and fantastic, but unfortunately I’m drained and have no more energy left to write and listen.

Until tomorrow, my friends!

Thirty Day Challenge – Day Twenty-Seven – Echoes

Methinks I burned myself out today.

Lots o’ physical work and running around this evening left for little time to actually sit down and write. I did write, though! Just it wasn’t really my “best” effort. I planned on decorating the apartment, but I ran out of time tonight. I’m pretty much ready to go to bed and it’s just before 9:30pm. Boo-urns!

On a more positive note, I hope you’ve all had an awesome Valentine’s Day.

I was planning on decorating my apartment with covers of comic books I like. Given its suitable for today, this is one of the covers I was going to put up. It’s from Namor: The First Mutant #5, and is drawn by Mike Mayhew. It’s a really lovey-dovey drawing which I really enjoy.



As for albums tonight, I listened to Camel’s “Echoes” which is a best-of of the band. Lovely, relaxing symphonic rock.

Until tomorrow!

Thirty Day Challenge – Day Twenty-Six – The Acoustic Verses

I’m very excited!

The story is about to punch through to a whole new level of awesome very shortly. If I didn’t already have so much on my plate, I’d be writing it right now!

The story is literally a scene away from all of the exciting stuff happening. It will be a non-stop show when it begins. So, so, so excited.

The Acoustic Verses

I listened to this album daily on my last two thirty-day challenges. It was very relaxing – comforting even – to go back to it.

Until tomorrow!

Thirty Day Challenge – Day Twenty-Five – In Streetlight Communion

Only five days to go!

Tonight was fun. I wrote, had dinner, watched a movie, then wrote some more! The chaos!

Since my “realization” in yesterdays post, I’ve been feeling a bit more relaxed with writing. I find that I’ve given myself way to much to do in such a short period of time. As of now, I’m busy every night until next Tuesday. Madness!

Fortunately, the challenge ends on Sunday. I do not mean it in a “Thank God it’s over” kind of way. I just mean, thirty days can get taxing. Especially when you’ve had a move in the middle of it all. But it’s been quite a lot of fun.

The funny thing is how much more creative I’ve wanted to be in other aspects in my life since moving. I’ve been playing music a lot more, not to mention, I’ve been drawing a lot more. I’m more eager to spill my creativity elsewhere than work on the story for the time being.

Moving changes things, y’know?

In Streetlight Communion

The earlier part of writing tonight was listened to with The Fugitive’s “In Streetlight Communion” album. It’s a fun listen to, and pretty gosh-darn relaxing. Yes, I said “gosh-darn.” I’m eighty years old, you know!

Until tomorrow, folks!

Thirty Day Challenge – Day Twenty-Four – In Your Room

Tons of writing and drawing was done today! Holy moly! I even surprised myself!

With a few side projects out of the way, and some drawing too, I also spent some time writing! Yowzers!

The story is moments away from the “tipping point” of action and excitement. What’s going to be really great is that when I hit it, the momentum will not stop until the story is over. It’s going to take a lot of preparations for myself mentally to take it on, so I’m actually considering holding off getting to that momentum until after the thirty day challenge.

I’m sure you’re screaming, “WHAT?!” right now.

I know, right? But I really need to take a breather from the story in order to get caught up with other things in my life right now. Spending most days working, only to come home and work (albeit, it can be ‘playing’ sometimes) can become pretty taxing. So what I’m proposing for myself is to get to that awesome “point” in the story, then focus the remainder of my challenge going back and fixing things I know need fixing. I’ll set up another thirty day challenge after my break and go from there.

This of course, doesn’t mean I’m going to stop writing until the next challenge. Heck no. I just won’t be forced to do it, and be a lot more relaxed when writing. It’s not my profession. Not yet. . .

In Your Room

Anneke van Giersbergen’s solo albums are real fun listens to. Her 2009 release, “In Your Room” has many little stories in each song. Each one could probably fit somewhere in your life with knowing someone who acts the way someone does in a song, or even with yourself. It’s a real joy to listen to. Easy listening as well.

Tomorrow, friends!