Thirty Day Challenge – FINISHED – Ghost


After (a little more than) thirty days, I’m finally finished! It’s both a relieving and bittersweet moment. I am glad to be finished so I can focus on other things for the time being – but I really want to work on my story still!

Having thirty day challenges are funny in some ways. You really do remember each day well. Within this month alone, I not only wrote and worked a lot, I moved, I made new friends, expanded my artistry, and most importantly, grew a lot more as a person. (I think we’ll always be growing as people, but that’s besides the point).

As for writing, today was mostly touching up little parts here and there. It was not anything too fancy, but it was enough for me to be satisfied.

What I’ll probably be doing in the next few days is take some needed time off from the story, but also give away a bit of what the story is about in more detail. I realized I haven’t really told many people what its about.

I suppose you deserve to have at least SOME idea.

To top it off, I remember saying how I was going to post pictures of my progress, or of notes, or of drawings. I haven’t done any of that.

I guess I’ll have to show you all soon!


To finish off the final day, I went to Devin Townsend’s “Ghost.” It’s one of the prettiest albums I own. “Devin Townsend two days in a row?” I know, but the album has some amazing songs on there which are very sentimental for me. Not to mention it was very heart-warming to listen to while writing.

Thank you for following me on this thirty-day journey!

Until my next time, friends.

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