R.I.P. Joe Simon

I’ve been pretty busy with work, the Christmas season and prepping myself for my NaNoWriMo event.

But I have to take a moment though to stop and reflect on the writer, artist, and editor legend: Joe Simon.

Today, Joe Simon passed away at the age of 98. Not only was he the co-creator of Captain America and Bucky with the legendary Jack Kirby, but he still had a prominent role in comic books today.

I always thought it was incredble when in 2007, during Marvel’s Civil War and the death of Captain America, Simon was quoted saying, “It’s a hell of a time for him to go. We really need him now.”

Joe Simon

You will be missed.

I can only assume you’re working on something new with Jack right now.

Remember When Ghost Rider Peed Fire?

The most recent news in the comic book movie universe is the newest Ghost Rider poster and trailer. Although the first movie wasn’t too great with critics and fans (yet made its budget?), the second film actually looks impressive. Except when Ghost Rider pees fire. Check out the trailer and the poster below for more flaming skull goodness.

Ghost Rider Movie Poster

And while on the topic of movies, over on SuperHeroHype, you can see Thor and Captain America kick some butt on set in Cleveland. I suppose a spoiler warning should be made too. I think The Avengers will really be the fantastic movie everyone expects it to be.

Keep on Space Truckin’!

Because You Demanded It

After a good month-off, I have decided to turn UncannyDerek into a more open venture. Primarily, it’s going to get a whole lot more fun.

The basic changes are mainly going to reflect within reviews and what posts are about. It’s been a long while since I’ve done any reviews, and quite frankly, I’m not going to stick to a particular schedule. I’ll continue the writing scheme, but to put it simply, it will not be a priority.

Also, a lot more content will be updated as needed, rather than every-few-days. What that means is multiple updates in a single day – albeit shorter ones. But it will not be quantity over quality, that’s for sure.

This will be taking place shortly. Aw, what the heck. Let’s start now:


On the set of The Avengers:

Captain America prepping a scene with two CGI folk. Note: The gun!
Captain America

Now Cap is holding said-gun.
Captain America Gun

Now a crew member is holding it! (That gun gets around!)
Skrull Gun

You CANNOT tell me that the movie’s villain is not the shape-shifting Skrulls. You just can’t. The Skrulls have so many funky weapons that it’s impossible even to say, “That’s not a Skrull gun!” Here’s just a few I pulled from the wonder world wide web (or the WWWW for short).

From the comics:
Skrull Gun

From the toys:
Skrull Gun

From the cartoons:
Skrull Gun

From Secret Invasion:
Hank Pym Skrull Gun

In that last one, Hank Pym was revealed as a – you guess it – Skrull.

Regardless, it’s good to be back.

Keep on Space Truckin’!

Wednesday’s Reviews: The Avengers and The Alternate Avengers

Firstly, read Jim Shooter’s blog. It’s absolutely astounding to see what he does and has done. This recent entry is one of the most fascinating ones I’ve read thus far:

Hank Pym was not a Wife Beater

As for reviews, I swear I’m not going to bring this up again – but Bendis & Romita Jr. in The Avengers series have been up to that “multiple panel” deal in their books for the umpteenth. I thought I was going crazy. Then I took a look at Avengers #1, #5, #9, #10, and #11. I left out some half-page ones in other issues because they arguably are the norm for comics.


This is how I felt after laying all of these comics out:


Variety is all I’m asking for.

Now on to one of the most anticipated books this month.

Age of X Universe

Age of X Universe #1 of 2
Main Story:Simon Spurrier (writer), Khoi Pham (pencils), Tom Palmer (inks), Sonia Oback (colours).
Spider-Man Story: Jim McCann (writer), Paul Davidson (art), Antonio Fabela (colours).
Joe Sabino (letters), Simone Bianchi & Simone Peruzzi (cover). $3.99

For $3.99, this book is a steal. In fact, it’s an unbelievable steal which will impress every fanboy of the Marvel U.

Basing itself off of the current X-Men crossover, The Age of X, AoXU is how the other heroes have been affected by the mutants who are all over the world. Team leader and book narrator, Captain America, leads his unusual strike force of Avengers such as Vengeance, the Hulk, and Sue Storm to a mutant prison riot, to Fortress X itself.

But the excitement lends itself not to the battle, but to the quick back stories of each Avenger – and why they’re there. Throughout the book, we’re invited to see how the world has twisted its ways into the AoXU. Through that, we’re given little tidbits of character leaking themselves out into the page. We see Captain America and Sue Storm have consciences, while Iron Man is a vengeful deteriorating freak of nature and Spider-Woman is the top hit-woman. To top it all off, Frank Castle is the Chief of the Avengers – the man running the show. Of course, that will lead to extremely violent results.

Making things more interesting, forgotten mutants of the Marvel U make short, if not saddening appearances. Maggott, who I haven’t seen alive since 2003, makes a cameo, while Marrow, Mr. Sinister, and Whirlwind make for some extra mutant-loving goodness. (Did I just say that?) Don’t even get me started with Sabretooth’s depressing story.

Khoi Pham does one helluva great job delivering so many jaw-dropping moments in this book. A personal favourites are Vengeance taking on Chamber for a few fiery blazes of panels, and the final page with Hulk and his bug-eyes. My only beef is first in the book with Legacy (Rogue), as she seems rather mannish than well, being Rogue.

To top it all off, a bonus story featuring Spider-Man and a pregnant Mary Jane shows how certain heroes with altered DNA are considered “Post-Muties” – meaning Spider-Man is on the run. A short but enriching tale, we don’t see Spider-Man with his usual quips aside from the introductory narration at the beginning. Concluding on a moment where I’m not sure if I’m happy or sad, Spider-Man’s tale really ties together how perverse the AoXU is.

Regardless if you’re reading the X-Men crossovers or not, you’d be foolish not to pick this up.

Grade: 9/10

Unfortunately I’ve been busy so I cannot really focus on more reviews. Until next time folks, keep on Space Truckin’!