“Almost therreeee. . .”

Last time I heard someone say that, they blew up over Yavin. . .

I haven’t really drawn in a long time. I completely forgot how elated it made me feel. Until I went to FanExpo in Toronto this year, I was completely unsure on how well being a comic book artist or writer could be. I mean, I’m just a University graduate with a writing degree who can draw mediocre pictures with some elaborate stories. (I’m giving myself that!)

I have recently been motivated to get a drawing board and actually work-out my thoughts and drawings. Heck, even if the drawings are garbage to others, at least I’ve conveyed the message of the comics through some sort of imagery.

Drawing Board

That motivation really didn’t strike me until I met Leonard Kirk for the second time (the first being a convention earlier last year). And only then did I realize how realistic and possible it was to “move up” writing comics.

Although he is a native American, he moved to my hometown when he was six and lived here ever since. How do I know? I chatted it up with him. Needless to say, he grew up in my neighborhood his whole life, and surprisingly, he draws for Marvel!

During the Dark Reign storyline, he did the Dark X-Men series, and now he is currently working on New Mutants, starting on issue #15 here.

The fact that I was just talking to a home-towner, and I greatly appreciated his work – it blew me away! I can say I’ve now pretty much idolized the man.

The other day, I read up on ComicsBeat that New Mutants #15 sold over 35,000 copies! That’s from a local artist! Mr. Kirk also told me about how drawing works within Marvel, and showed me some of his art catalog.

The moral of the story is that no matter what, you’re almost there. You just need to stick to it. And I guess also to not lose your starboard engine and crash into the Death Star.

Back to the drawing board!

Keep on Space Truckin’.