A Busy Week

Yet again I am struck with more work at my real-life job, leaving me no time to work on this website dealy.

However, I have been writing a lot recently (as you may have read from months ago, I am a striving writer), so I’m happy with how everything is turning out thus far.

What I have also been working on – unfortunately – is organizing comics. Working has strained me from the physical task of “putting away” things. (Oh, let’s just admit I’m lazy.) Either way, this is what I have to deal with today:


If you look real closely, you may notice X-Men Legacy #250, as well as some old trades I haven’t sorted through since re-reading them. But yes, that implies it has been more than a month since my last organization. (There’s probably 70+ comics there.) So alas!

One thing I would love to show you folks is the GORGEOUS work Marko Djurdjevic did on New Mutants #27 this week. I absolutely fell in love with this cover, as it’s probably one of my favourites of his now. I love the simple backgrounds and the brutality of Sugar Man. It is, quite simply, an excellent cover.

New Mutants 27 Sugar Man

Maybe I’ll start posting writing tips again soon. . . Hmm.

Until next time, keep on Space Truckin’!