Why Comic Books?

Heavy Metal and Comic Books. What’s the story there?

Back in 2012, UncannyMetal was a comic book blog entitled UncannyDerek. It was one of Editor Derek Smith’s passion projects. He blogged about comic books for years and focused on critiques of the medium as well as the hobby of comic book collecting.

Over the years, UncannyDerek was referenced by big name sites such as Cracked and featured in a handful of major YouTube videos like NerdSync. As such, UncannyDerek still garners a lot of traffic today for the past blogs. Derek still gets questions and private messages from people all over the world asking for his opinions and assistance on understanding the intricacies in the comic book world.

While his comic book blogging fell to the wayside, UncannyDerek slowly transformed into a place where Derek wanted to discuss his other passion: heavy metal. Posting his year end lists as well as the occasional review, Derek found himself wanting to transform the website into what it is now.

However, he couldn’t leave his comic books behind. With the site’s history, as well as archived back-links, keeping the important blogs from UncannyDerek helps garner consistent site traffic as well as helping out with SEO (search engine optimization) for Google. All-in-all, it would be harder for UncannyMetal to rank well in Google without UncannyDerek’s history.

As comic book blogging has been pushed to the side, UncannyMetal will continue focus entirely on heavy metal albums, both from independent and major bands and labels.