A Death in the Fantastic Four

Well, the cats out of the bag now. Literally. The bag is the death bag shipped from Marvel for this massive milestone of Fantastic Four #587.

No, I won’t be spoiling who dies on this. However, if you check out Marvel’s website here, they did release who passed on. So click that link if you enjoy spoilers.

Fantastic Three

Unfortunately for me, I will not be reviewing or getting this comic. The reason being is ordering problems from my comic store only gave them a ridiculously low amount that they cannot even fill their weekly orders for the regular folk who collect this comic. By next week though, I’ll post my feelings on the death once the hype all settles-in.

However I’m sure I’ll find a copy of it February 6th where I am off to HobbyStar’s ComicCon in Toronto for the day.

Screw the Super Bowl. I have comics to collect!

Do don’t forget to check out my reviews for a TON of comics tomorrow, and keep on Space Truckin’!

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