Writing, Drawing, Inking & Exploding

And not in that order.

Personally, I have been unbelievably busy being creative. (Hooray for alliteration!) In fact, I’ve completely put off many other things in order to muse myself. It’s been pretty ridiculous, actually.

I’m holding off on reviews again this week – despite so many exciting comics coming out – only because I’d rather focus my energy elsewhere. My mind has been going at a mile a minute, you’d think I was on uppers. (I’m not, don’t worry.)

However, I feel an apology coming on because I’ve sort of let this site slip in the past few weeks. I know what it’s like to check back and not see an update when expecting one. I read WebComics regularly, and on some I see reasons why they’re on hiatus. Alas, I am not going on hiatus, but am just going to post whenever I can instead.

This means “Wednesday’s Reviews” may appear on Friday with only one review, then reappear on Tuesday with two more reviews. This way, I can spread my time out more effectively rather than explode over crunch time.

The funny thing is that I was not planning on writing that last paragraph at all, but it just sort of made sense to me.

One thing I will mention about this weeks comics is that Mike Carey made a killer turnaround with the Age of X story he’s working on. If you haven’t touched upon any of them yet, for the love of all that is holy, do it! It’s been quite the ride so far.

Until next time, keep on Space Truckin’!

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