Congratulations DC!

Can you believe it?

DC has successfully sold-out, and are beginning second-printings on ALL 52 titles!

When an industry like comic books are on the brink of extinction – something incredible happens and spins it around! What’s even more incredible is that there is still tons of profit towards digital content which DC has not spoke of yet. And for the big kicker from

“To help feed the demand (and to provide a holiday product supporting the launch), DC is releasing DC Comics: The New 52, a hardcover collection of all 52 stories, on December 7th (to comic stores; other channels street December 13th). The volume will retail for $150.00.”

I think that’s an excellent idea. I’ve read a bit of the new 52 and was unable to fork out as much money as I could for all of the comics on my pull list. I think this is an excellent way to continue their excellent idea.

DC New 52

Although I was worried at first, it really seems like DC has everything under control. This has officially helped the comic industry – and I really hope it continues to.

Even with recent objections to how Catwoman and Starfire have been depicted in comics, DC came out on their Twitter feed and stated in two Tweets:

“We’ve heard what’s being said about Starfire today and we appreciate the dialogue on this topic.”
“We encourage people to pay attention to the ratings when picking out any books to read themselves or for their children.”

Well-handled. To top it all off, they got the message about how upset people were with the depictions.

If you would like to know more about that, jump over to to check it out.

As for me, I’ll be moving to a new house in a few days – so just hang in there. I’ll be back soon enough.

Keep on Space Truckin’ until I return!

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