NaNoWriMo – Day One

I’ve spent a little bit of time the past few days getting the story going so when today came I wouldn’t spend an hour going, “Uh, how do I start this thing?” I set myself up so I could just wake-up and get going on it. A few days ago, I wrote 3,744 words. Yesterday, in less than two hours, I pushed out another 1,549 words, leaving me with a running total of 5,293 words. My goal is to do ~1,500 words a day, so jamming out 1,549 in less than two hours is really inspiring for me.

But I am NOT counting the 5,293 words as part of the 50k challenge. That was just to get me started.

Then today happened:

I started my story today with 5,293 words.

Words added: 4,339

Total word count: 9,632

If you ask me, I’m off to an amazing start!

Let’s keep this ball rolling!

I had these three images for inspiration today:

Keep on Space Truckin’!

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