Ralph McQuarrie Passed Away

On Saturday, the legendary artist Ralph McQuarrie passed away at the age of 82.

In case it wasn’t known, I’m a HUGE Star Wars fan. It’s literally a part of my everyday life – somehow. I have to thank Ralph McQuarrie for that.

He helped George Lucas created and define the worlds and characters that existed in the Star Wars universe.

When Star Wars Special Edition came out in 1997, my mom purchased a book for me called “The Art of The Empire Strikes Back,” where I first got a glimpse into McQuarrie’s mind. I was completely stunned by his artwork and grand designs for well. . . everything! I couldn’t help but think, “I want to draw like him!” and “How did he come up with these ideas.” I was ten years old when I was completely blown away by McQuarrie’s works.

Today, I’m still floored by his works. When news of him passing came out, the internet flooded with praise, tributes, and thanks for everything he’s done. Most of the tributes featured tons of his art – some which I had never seen before. My jaw still drops to the floor when I see it.

McQuarrie was a man ahead of his time. In fact, he was ahead of all of us. Words can not describe how impacting his influence was on me. Ralph McQuarrie defined my childhood for me. He will be sorely missed.

Rest in peace, sir.

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