What’s Actually Going On: The Thirty Day Challenge

You’ve probably seen the few posts I’ve been making here and there; featuring some bizarre things.

What’s really going on is that I’m writing a novel.

Unlike any story I’ve ever attempted before, I know this one will become published. Why? Because I have faith in myself that it will.


While I’m just over 20,000 words into the actual story, I plan on doing yet another Thirty-Day Challenge. I plan on simply writing – letting it all flow and seeing where it takes me. While my “goal” would be to write a bit more than 120k words, it’s not going to be the deal-breaker.

I’m writing what I want to write, which is something that I’ve never let myself do. Over the years I’ve attempted multiple stories with a combined total of over 100,000 words. One of those stories reached over 75,000 words – and I’m giving up on it. Why? Because I’ve learned so much since then. I’ve learned that I have to write what I want to write, and not what I think I want to write (and believe me, there is a difference).

I’ve talked to and followed multiple authors and artists who have gone the routes of self-publishing. I know I’m going into an uphill battle, but I do know I will succeed.

Thirty-Day Challenge

I’m setting the Thirty-Day Challenge for January 14th, which should take me into the middle of February. Much like the one I did last year, I plan on telling everyone about it so I have the peer support and the weight of not failing.

After the story is written, I plan on going back into it and finishing off the details of it all as I’m trying to finish the story – not make it look pretty along the way.

Any tips or advice you could offer would also be tremendous.

You may have noticed that I’ve revamped UncannyDerek.com from comic books into something more goal-oriented towards my novel. I plan on using this site to help in my writing process – keeping everyone updated as I go along. Maybe I’ll even throw up some writing samples or drawings I’ve made for the story.

UncannyDerek.com will definitely be the hub for everything about the book.

What the Story is About

While I definitely cannot explain the whole story, I can tell you this: It’s a science-fiction set in the distant future, touching upon politics, religion, faith, oppression, segregation, capitalism, sociology, underdogs, angels, space travel, computer hacking, backstabbing, explosions, gigantic robots, galactic warfare, and one hell of an interesting love story to boot.

No aliens or time travel though. That stuff gets complicated.

And for kicks, here’s just some of the plotting I’ve been working on over the past few months:


Don’t worry. It is as illegible as it seems. My hand writing is awful.

As many great new things come around the horizon in my personal life, I cannot wait to add this to it all in less than a week.

Peace & Love.

7 thoughts on “What’s Actually Going On: The Thirty Day Challenge

  1. ” I’ve learned that I have to write what I want to write, and not what I think I want to write (and believe me, there is a difference).”—1 million times yes! I need to post this on my wall so I can remember it.

    1. Thanks, Jumbled! I’m looking forward to doing this challenge. While I’ve done Thirty Day Challenges in the past, this is the first one where I have a mindset of conclusion, as well as letting things flow. It’s why I didn’t give myself a word limit. Writing will definitely be more natural this time around.

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