Thirty Day Challenge – Day One – Lightbulb Sun

Today kick-started my Thirty Day Challenge.

It was really interesting when comparing today to my previous writing challenges. With the other challenges, I forced myself to reach a word count. While I still think that’s a great idea, I found today to be a lot more relaxing. If today is a precursor to the rest of this challenge, I’m looking forward to it!

I spend a lot of time writing, but also found myself going back and building up more characterization. It’s funny. Even though I have the characters all planned and plotted out, when you start to write them things begin to change. It all seems quite natural to the particular character too. In a nutshell, I’ve added a few different traits and added to the history about the character. I’m quite satisfied with how he’ll turn out.

Another thing I dinked around with some bioethic ideologies. More specifically, Abolitionism. While I’m dealing in a science-fiction universe, like I’ve mentioned, this story also involves a lot about politics and religion.

While the idea of “Abolitionists” are to use technology to enhance humans themselves into better physical beings and end emotional suffering, I decided to take it a step further and throw both a spiritual and political spin on it all.

. . .

You’ll see what I mean when you read the book.

The most exciting thing about this challenge too, is since I’m not plugging away at a particular word count, I found I’m able to freely listen to music without getting too distracted. It’s a lot more freeing and exciting.

Lightbulb Sun

For today, I replayed Porcupine Tree’s “Lightbulb Sun” a few times.

Until tomorrow, fellow readers!

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