Thirty Day Challenge – Day Sevente-Holdonaminute!

I have to take a few-day hiatus!

With me moving in less than a day, I will unfortunately not have the time to write a whole heck of a lot – if anything at all.

I do plan on writing over the weekend, but I will not have internet to update my website and let you all know I’m still writing. I thought I could get away with updating it from my phone, but it turns out that coding isn’t as easy as I had thought it would be. I apologize for the inconvenience of letting you get accustomed to reading these every day.

I plan on being back to schedule with “Day Seventeen” this Monday. I hadn’t anticipated moving this quickly, so I had no plans on it impeding my writing. Life can be funny like that.

So until then, I’ll keep on with the other interesting things which have been preoccupying me.

And You And I

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