Thirty Day Challenge – Day Twenty-Five – In Streetlight Communion

Only five days to go!

Tonight was fun. I wrote, had dinner, watched a movie, then wrote some more! The chaos!

Since my “realization” in yesterdays post, I’ve been feeling a bit more relaxed with writing. I find that I’ve given myself way to much to do in such a short period of time. As of now, I’m busy every night until next Tuesday. Madness!

Fortunately, the challenge ends on Sunday. I do not mean it in a “Thank God it’s over” kind of way. I just mean, thirty days can get taxing. Especially when you’ve had a move in the middle of it all. But it’s been quite a lot of fun.

The funny thing is how much more creative I’ve wanted to be in other aspects in my life since moving. I’ve been playing music a lot more, not to mention, I’ve been drawing a lot more. I’m more eager to spill my creativity elsewhere than work on the story for the time being.

Moving changes things, y’know?

In Streetlight Communion

The earlier part of writing tonight was listened to with The Fugitive’s “In Streetlight Communion” album. It’s a fun listen to, and pretty gosh-darn relaxing. Yes, I said “gosh-darn.” I’m eighty years old, you know!

Until tomorrow, folks!

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