Thirty Day Challenge – Day Twenty-Seven – Echoes

Methinks I burned myself out today.

Lots o’ physical work and running around this evening left for little time to actually sit down and write. I did write, though! Just it wasn’t really my “best” effort. I planned on decorating the apartment, but I ran out of time tonight. I’m pretty much ready to go to bed and it’s just before 9:30pm. Boo-urns!

On a more positive note, I hope you’ve all had an awesome Valentine’s Day.

I was planning on decorating my apartment with covers of comic books I like. Given its suitable for today, this is one of the covers I was going to put up. It’s from Namor: The First Mutant #5, and is drawn by Mike Mayhew. It’s a really lovey-dovey drawing which I really enjoy.



As for albums tonight, I listened to Camel’s “Echoes” which is a best-of of the band. Lovely, relaxing symphonic rock.

Until tomorrow!

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