The Distomos Ranked #1 Book of the Month!

I found out The Distomos has made #1 on the Top 100 Sales in ALL BOOKS and SCIENCE FICTION & FANTASY this MONTH on Lulu!

Distomos Ranked First

This has completely taken me by surprise! I have to give a big THANK YOU to everyone who has purchased a copy and have supported me through this journey!

It’s been a wild ride so far! I’ve been driving all across the city, hand-delivering books and stirring up excitement along the way. I had not anticipated how much labour I would be doing when selling. Of course the snow hasn’t helped. . .

I digress. I can tell you that I have already gone through a good chunk of my inventory and am ready to continue pushing the book into deeper channels! When I get a chance to next week, I’ll be hopping into local stores with my ISBN number to get the book out there further!

The whole self-publishing journey has been a great experience so far. I cannot express how happy I am with how it has gone. Now I cannot stop thinking about how I will plan my next novel.

As for this first week with The Distomos – it’s been a blast. I have been given so much love and support; it’s definitely overwhelming with “the feels.”

With that, don’t forget to follow me on Twitter and more importantly, spread the word around about the book!

For more information about the book or how to purchase it, see below:

Paperback copies available through
Paperback copies available through
Paperback copies available through Barnes &
Paperback copies available through
Limited edition signed copies are available through me. For more information, please contact me at uncannyderek(at) with the subject line: The Distomos.

Ebook copies:
iTunes Store

The Distomos

Cover art by Matthew Therrien:


Mankind has taken to the stars; maintaining their empires through the belief in God. Peace and prosperity are kept through Church-appointed Templars: the police of the galaxy. But when the Distomos, a secret weapon from the Church falls into the hands of the enemy, two ex-Templars, Kieran Rhet and Normandie Jade, are hired to get it back.

With only a matter of time before interstellar war begins and the Distomos is used, friendships, courage, and faith will be tested when all seems lost.


Until next time, Keep on Space Truckin’!

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