A New Year Shall Begin

I have to apologize for this blog’s neglect. With Christmas, New Years, work, and comics coming in late due to our supplier (not Diamond – the people who actually deliver the comics), I cannot supply reviews for this week. I also did have planned a “Best/Worst of Marvel in 2010” feature planned, but time is not long enough. On the other hand, it is almost the new year, so I can start absolutely fresh coming next week!

One thing to mention is that I am ABSOLUTELY excited for Marvel’s conclusion to the Fantastic Four. I’m sure you’ve all heard by now, as it has been on the news that the comic is coming to an end as the death of one of the FF will mark the end of the series.

Marvel has just released the final cover for Fantastic Four #588, so I figured I’d share for you the cover for #587 (where a member dies), and #588 – the final issue.

Fantastic Four #587 & Fantastic Four #588
Fantastic Three Fantastic Four's Final

Until then, I hope you all had a great holiday and have a Happy New Year!

Godspeed, and keep on Space Truckin’!


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