Quesada No-More!

In case you haven’t heard yet, Joe Quesada, Marvel Comics’ Editor-in-Chief has stepped down to promote Axel Alonso to the position. You can read all about it here.

Quesada, of course, is still with Marvel. He was promoted to Chief Creative Officer back in June, which of course, you can read about it here.

What I want to simply say is that Mr. Quesada’s tenure with Marvel was triumphant in my eyes. I absolutely loved everything he did with Marvel – despite all the issues everyone else seemed to have with him. Obvious ones is how he completely flipped Spider-Man upside-down in the post-Civil War storylines. Of course, the increase in price for Marvel’s comics were also a bit of a hassle – but to me, they were small in comparison to other problems.

The number one thing which stood out for me with Joe, was his Cup O’ Joe column at Comic Book Resources, where he literally spoke to the fans through columns, as well as address important issues within stories. For that, he really made a society with Marve – something which started with Stan Lee, and continued because EiC’s like Quesada made it live on.

So with that, I’m honoured to say that I’ve met the guy (three times in a weekend) and I’m happy to see him move on to greater things.


Keep on Space Truckin’, Joe, and good luck Mr. Alonso!

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