My Local Comic Vendor with Flood Damage

This is an upsetting story for both the comic world and my hometown.

From my local paper, The Standard:

Last Monday, a watermain on St. Paul St. next to Mostly Comics burst, flooding the street and damaging nearby businesses.

[Owner Kim Stevens] down in the store room, surrounded by dehumidifiers and powerful fans, clearing away more than 200,000 water-damaged comics.

Stevens said the water poured into his shop before ending up in the basement.

“It was like Niagara Falls down here when I got in on Monday,” he said. “I have lots of stuff on shelves, but because the water came in from the ceiling it didn’t help,” he said.”

Mostly Comics

Although they have gone through their insurance, the payout will in no-way equal the losses. It’s just a sad situation. I spoke with them on Wednesday and it’ll just be awhile until everything gets sorted out. The amount of work they have to do for the insurance to pay out is astronomical. I really feel terrible for them.

I go to Mostly Comics every week and to see them in this situation is just gut-wrenching. I couldn’t imagine that sort of damage. A fire would demolish everything and a lump sum could’ve been paid. But because it was a flood, everything is still there and requires inventory check.

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