A Brilliant Week and DC’s First 52

If you ever wanted to know what it was like to see a movie done in comic book fashion, read the absolutely stunning and gorgeous issue of Uncanny X-Force #14 by Rick Remender and Jerome Opena. This book was one heckuva emotional thrill-ride from the get-go.

Uncanny X-Force

One awesome thing about this book is that there is no Wolverine to overshadow everything. He is never the main character. But if you want a brilliant X-book to pick up that stands alone, read Uncanny X-Force right now! P.S. *Spoiler* Archangel is becoming Apocalypse. Read this now!

I don’t even care if you’ve never read a comic book before in your life. This story with its art, is the best thing to have hit shelves (and that I’ve actually read).

But speaking of emotional thrill-rides, this week also concluded Greg Pak’s entire run of Incredible Hulk! Yes, with Incredible Hulks #635, the series has officially concluded and will be, of course, rebooted in October.

Incredible Hulks

The story was quite the epic conclusion with two great stories. One with a big battle in the end while the other is very heartwarming. It’s an over-sized issue for $3.99 and is completely worth every cent.

As for what things are worth, Wednesday sparked DC’s FIRST new issue of the “New 52.” Justice League #1 was released and already problems are arising. You see, along with the release, DC also decided that on the same day as the physical copy is released, that they will publish the comic digitally too – via a paid subscription. Yes, it will possibly change the comic book medium forever. However, the big problem is that pirates have already started leaking the first issue about an hour before it was released digitally to the world.

At this current time on ThePirateBay, there are 276 Seeders (people who upload), while there are only 8 Leechers (people who download).

Meanwhile, Comic Book Resources recent poll shows that about 50% of people polled found the book either average of sub-par.

DC! What are you going to do?!

Meanwhile, here’s some canceled video game art from The Avengers video game. I hope you like villain spoilers.

Keep on Space Truckin’!

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