The Avengers Video Game and/or Movie

Not too long ago, I mentioned how the Avengers video game would have been based off the movie because the screenshots revealed.

Amidst all the hooplah containing who the villain(s) is/are for Joss Whedon’s Avengers movie, I was pretty certain that it was Loki with Skrulls. While I still do believe that, I do not think the video game had anything to do with the movie to begin with.

Thinking about it now however, the game would have been developed before Whedon penned the script for The Avengers movie. I really think this is just one big coincidence.

What changed my mind:

Comic Book Resources recently grabbed some clips from (which has since removed the video) featuring “footage” from the now-canceled Avengers game. This includes showing that the game would have been played from both a first-and-third person perspective. Imaging being the Hulk, waving those big green hands around? And no, I don’t mean these things:

Smash Hands

Yes, that’s an a Skrull as Cyclops from the Secret Invasion stories. Could Marvel have been planning on following through after their Ultimate Alliance 2 with the next big storyline? So it seemed.

Cyclops Skrull X-Men

And given THQ Australia would not dictate what would be in the Avengers movie, it’s a fair assumption that the game was meant to be its own separate entity just to follow along with the Avengers movie itself – regardless of the villains.

No, this is not controversial news at all. It’s just really neat to see what goes on in the background when movies are developed.

I wonder if THQ is kicking themselves now for canceling the game. . .

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