Power Girl And Her New Costume

I didn’t see this one coming.

After years and years of Power Girl’s infamous “boob window” being open for all, DC has finally decided close the draft.

Let’s see the new costume, shall we?

Power Girl

No, wait. Sorry. That was the old costume.

Here’s the new one:

Power Girl

Can you even recognize her in this new drawing? Done by the legendary George Perez, it’s definitely a shocker!

What’s even more mind-boggling is how DC is doing such a drastic overhaul to one character while Catwoman still gets the short end of the stick.

This is definitely a lot more tasteful than most comics out there. Psylocke in X-Men still runs around with her ninja thong on, while Starfire is putting DC in hot water. But Power Girl, DC’s stereotypical and clichéd “big breasted hero” is actually getting toned down. It’s not only incredible to hear, but it’s a major step in the right direction in terms of finally making comics more – what’s the word? Oh yeah! Appropriate!

Now I will admit, Power Girl’s “window” defined the character as a sex object to the point where she even would admit to the ridiculousness of her clothing in the comics. It gave her sass – that’s for sure.

Power Girl

But it’s become some what of a joke within comics. The impracticality of the character and her physique – she wasn’t considered so much sexy, as she was more of a joke for the writers and artists to play along with.

And everyone seem to be okay with this?

I think the even bigger joke is, however, the amount of people arguing against the costume. While I won’t reveal who said what, allow me to post some comments against this overhaul with Power Girl’s costume that I’ve read:

“Wow this new costume sucks, as does most of the new DC costumes for the female characters at least, in an effort to pander to feminists they have basically butchered the classic looks of a lot of characters that had been the way they were for decades.”

“I can feel my Inner Feminist crying for what I’m gonna say, but I like PG classic look, it’s you know [. . .] Power Girl looks like a character who likes to be sexy for the hell of it. [This new] one… is not an example.
But at least the new costume is kinda boring and I can just hate it for that. And Heck, this might mean that DC is finally paying attention to criticisms! (I can Dream)”

“She needs the window. That’s one of her signature characteristics, like Superman’s s-shield.

“Hate. I loved her boob window and all the jokes that came with it.”

“P.G.’s too P.C. for me now.”

And yes, some of those comments are from women too. Regardless of their opinions, my opinion says Power Girl’s old costume was objectifying.

Now, I’ll also go to say that there are a ton of people out there who are for the closing of the window, but simply hate the costume. So be it. Personally, I don’t care for the costume either. For example, it took me a few minutes to realize there was a “P” around her neck.

But that really wasn’t the problem to begin with, was it?

Here’s to a small step forward!

8 thoughts on “Power Girl And Her New Costume

  1. Andrew

    Ok I’ll admit, I think the boob window should come back, but only it’s part of the overall design as in the costume would be designed with the opening in mind and not just thrown in. (Like Dawnstar’s…though hers is a “V”)


    Now I’d be okay with no boob window (I guess), as long as the costume looks right, but compared to other scantily clad female character in comics, and compared to (the new) Starfire, I don’t think it’s as inappropriate as people make it out to be.

    I think it’s when artists over-exaggerate the size of her breasts and the “window” that it becomes a problem, like the first couple of issues of JSA all stars.

  2. Hey Andrew! Thanks for taking the time to comment.

    I have to ask: Do you know *why* you want the window back? All it does is show off cleavage. It possesses no superhuman powers, nor does it really help the overall image of women in comics – which is the biggest problem.

    The idea with the window “in mind” doesn’t sit with me well. What I mean is, who had a boob window in mind? Here’s Gary Frank’s take on Dawnstar. Should I be thankful that he kept her breasts in mind while drawing her?


    Either way you look at it, the “V” is thrown in just like Power Girl’s. There are panels where Power Girl’s window is tasteful, but it still doesn’t hide the fact that it’s there for no reason at all.

    “and compared to (the new) Starfire, I don’t think it’s as inappropriate as people make it out to be.”
    I’ll agree with you on this. For sure, Power Girl has not been nearly as objectified as Catwoman or Starfire in the New 52. However, that doesn’t make this any better. Any step to stop the objectifying women – whether big or small – is still a step in the right direction.

  3. Cas

    Sometimes i think many people have to think of this from the other side, Yes Powergirls old suit left little that you did not see but that the fun of it. People can say that I am being sexist but nobody ever thinks that comics are also sexist towards men. Hell I go to the gym and am really trying hard to get in shape after so many years of being heavy do I get offened when I see Superman and the build that he has knowing I could never look like that? No not at all I know its a fantasy and that is the fun of comics. Please if you have the time uncannyderek reply to this because I would love to hear you thoughts. I have always thought that comics never showed ether sex in the best light but there suppost to be super in every way.

    With Powergirls new suit it looks very dated something from the 70’s I have read the first issue of World Finest and I thought it was pretty good do I get a sense that this was Power girl no I did not. It almost seems that since the backlash at Starfire that DC is going to do everything in there power to make comics less edgy and to remove sex appeal.

    Ps sorry if there is spelling errors english is new to me

    1. Hi Cas,

      Thanks for taking the time to respond.

      I’ve made an argument before about the sexism towards men in comics over here. Admittedly, it’s not a full-fledged fight against how men are portrayed, it definitely makes its point.

      While I do agree with you that comics are sexist towards men, I firmly believe they are moreso towards women. I’m not saying that either is right, though.

      To briefly summarize my point, think of the top five male superheroes, followed by the top five female superheroes. I’ll tell you what I think of:
      Superman, Batman, Wolverine, Spider-Man, Captain America.
      Wonder Woman, Power Girl, Supergirl, Emma Frost, Ms. Marvel.

      Save Power Girls new costume, which superheroes show the most skin? Which ones wear the more provocative clothing? To me, it’s clearly all of the women and none of the men. But I’m getting off-track.

      You said,
      “I have always thought that comics never showed ether sex in the best light but there suppost to be super in every way.”
      You’re right. Neither sex is shown appropriately, save a few characters. But what sells? The idea of being “super” and “extraordinary.” Mix that in with some good-looking folks and we have 90210 with Superpowers.

      “It almost seems that since the backlash at Starfire that DC is going to do everything in there power to make comics less edgy and to remove sex appeal.”
      Now here’s the kicker. There’s a line drawn to what is defined as “sex appeal” and what is defined as “sexist.”

      With that Starfire/Catwoman debacle, the characters were overtly sexy. They were used as objects, rather than characters. There was no need for Starfire to get a full-page dedicated to her impossible body and skimpy bathing suit. No need what-so-ever. Yet it was there. Same goes with Catwoman and the panels of her changing or flashing her boobs wherever. Sure, some may argue that it’s used to show their “sassy attitude” or the like – but the problem is that you can do that in other ways other than objectifying women by their bodies.

      “Sex appeal” doesn’t have to be a physical trait, either. People can be “sexy” without being good looking or what-have-you. For example: Emma Frost’s sass and courage is sexy, but she doesn’t have to be dressed like how she does to get that across.

      1. Cas

        Thanks for the reply.

        I think this may be one thing that you are being overly sensitive to UD, I do not want to offend you by saying that but I do believe that.

        I agree with you that women show more skin in comics then men but take a look outside your window its summer here and the majority of women I see are wearing mini skirts and short shorts that are boarder line underwear. The over sexualized image towards women is everywhere. At least in comics they show women as heroes that are noble and strong that is a great thing to show the world. Also you have to think tight spandex is a provocative look for a man and every hero has that I mean look at the size of Superman cod piece now it huge so they are showing men off in the same light just in a different way with women showing of there muscles is more appealing then showing off Wolverines hairy chest. Now that I think of it the most reveiled character in comics I can think of is a man. Kazar wears nothing but a piece of fabric covering his manhood.

        I understand the backlash at the Starfire reboot I was upset with the way they made it out to look like she would sleep with anyone and just throw you to the curb but if people just stuck with it a few more issues they would of seen that she was a broken person that thought of sex as something that liberates her. It was misguided and now she has feeling for Roy Harper and he asks her out on a date. I think many people missed the point of the Outlaws as being broken people a junky a alien with sex addiction and a character with issues about his past life working together and fixing each other.

        The Catwoman controversy is something I did not fully understand Catwoman has always been a character that used her sex appeal to get what see wants. I mean she plays off the fact that men are pigs and outsmarts them with her body. Is it right no but it has always been part of the character even in the cartoon I watched as a child she was like that but in a little more noir style. I mean at the end of the first issue she sleeps with Batman the man she loves how was that a bad thing to show people? It was nothing like they showed Starfire.

        I can understand where your coming from with Emma but in recent years they have shown less of her, I mean she started out as a girl that walked around in her panties now at least she has pants. I agree that women can be sexy and attractive without having to be reveling. I find one of the sexist women in comics to be Sue Storm would you say see shows women in a good light in comics?

        I find this a fascinating thing to discuss so if you want to continue you can email me at the_casualties_3@hotmail.com

  4. Roie

    IDK… I do think you’re right the boob window was objectifying [hmm might not be the right spelling] anyway, it was part of her trademark design… maybe they should have made it smaller and the homebase superman symbol shape? I’ll miss it maybe subconsciously because it was sexy, but I do think that it WAS part of her desing and maybe they should have just explain it… I think that you might be right though.

    1. Hey Roie!

      Regardless of it being a trademark design, it can still be considered objectifying. No explanation must be needed, either. Superheroes have changed costumes over the years – Batman, Cyclops, Marvel Girl, Iron Man, and so on – but closing a “boob window?” Now that’s considered heresy.

      Let the person define the superhero, not the clothing.

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