Thirty Day Challenge – Day Five – Lights

Writing today came very easy. I’m setting up the transition for the next “arc” in my story. It’s actually quite exciting. I’ve been fiddling around with the current scene for the past few days, so I’m looking forward to move. . . well, forward!

There’s been a lot of talking going on in this scene, too. While I do my best to keep the dialogue refreshing and witty (when appropriate), I know I’ll have to go back to this scene later to play around with some words. It seems like it’s a dry spell in the story – as it is. It’s between two action scenes, so the “breather” is needing a way to keep the pace going without taking away from the excitement which had already happened.

I’ll figure it out.


I needed to listen to something light-hearted tonight. Jennie Abrahamson has a fantastic voice, so I gave her album “Lights” a listen to tonight. Because of her wonderful voice, I found it a bit distracting while writing. I just wanted to focus and listen to the album. Alas, I got through it anyway!

Until tomorrow, friends!

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