Thirty Day Challenge – Day Four – Blackwater Park

After another busy day, I finally got to head home and get some writing done. I was very excited to work on the story today because I had some pretty interesting dialogue to get working on.

I find when I’ve been writing, I’ve put a larger focus on dialogue, rather than the images and descriptions of things in a room, or the area surrounding the people. I love those types of details in stories (albeit, I know when it can be overkill as well). I definitely plan on going back and adding in a lot of extra tidbits of awesome information.

While I like the motto, “When in doubt, leave it out,” – especially when it applies to storytelling, I cannot help but feel that some things, like the colour of ones hair, or the type of clothes they are wearing is important – regardless of whether or not it is necessary for that particular scene. Why? Well, I want my reader to be able to picture the character a bit better. I’ve left things pretty ambiguous when it comes to descriptions of what the characters look like.

But I should move them into a certain direction though. . . right? I mean, they should see what I’m seeing – to a degree anyway – right? Ah, I’ll figure it all out.

Blackwater Park

Opeth’s “Blackwater Park” was definitely hankering to be listened to today. A song got stuck in my head earlier today. Then the whole album demanded to be listened to.

Until tomorrow!

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