Thirty Day Challenge – Day Seven – Close to the Edge

I’m one week in and guess what? I managed to get this afternoon off! Before I did anything I had planned for the day, I decided to write and finish up a scene I’ve spent the past two nights working on. It feels good to finally move forward.

What I found interesting is how I still come up with new ideas for my story as I write. While I have everything plotted out and characters all decided on, I still manage to add little bits and pieces here and there. As I closed the scene today, I left an ambiguous cliffhanger. I don’t even have to resolve it in this book! It’s really interesting.

Whether or not I do resolve the cliffhanger is yet to be seen. Either way, it feels good to still create interesting plot devices after I had them all planned out. It’s amazing how the ideas simply present themselves.

If I tried to follow a word count, who knows whether or not I would’ve came up with these ideas! The freedom I gave myself on this challenge is such a blessing.

Close to the Edge

I gave Yes’ “Close to the Edge” a listen to today because it’s just a great album to enjoy on a Sunday afternoon! Close to the Edge, And You And I, and Siberian Khatru are all amazing songs!

Until tomorrow, friends!

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