Thirty Day Challenge – Day Eight – Banks of Eden

Major revelations!

Firstly, I’m moving for February 1st. I will be without internet for those few days, so I’ll have some poorly written updates on my story writing here. I’d be updating it on a BlackBerry, y’know?

As for today, I’ve transitioned into the next scene for the novel and am surprisingly adding more challenges to the story itself. While it was never in my nature to do so, it all comes so naturally, I cannot help but write it in!

Whether or not these changes make the editing process is another story (not literally, though! That’d be crazy!).

Secondly, this challenge has certainly been a joy to do so far. What has surprised me most about this challenge is how relaxing I’m actually feeling while writing this. While I think something like NaNoWriMo is a great idea – and definitely worthwhile doing, as I did it and found it very rewarding – I think that it is only a stepping stone into something more incredible.

I’ve been blessed so far to be able to give myself the calmness in between the storms of the day to make time to write. While a few days haven’t been “100%” effort, I still take satisfaction in knowing that I AM in the process of something so much greater! It’s really wonderful when you think about it!

Now, imagine yourself doing this for everything you applied in life. . . Gah!

Banks of Eden

The Flower Kings’ “Banks of Eden” was my favourite album if 2012. It’s really a joy to listen to at all times of the day and much like the Yes album I listened to yesterday, it’s progressive rock. It’s soothing and pretty. Although the album did not fit the scene I was writing at all, it certainly puts me in a chipper mood!

Until tomorrow, fellow readers, writers, and everyone in-between!

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