Thirty Day Challenge – Day Nine – Stronghold

Today feels like a write-off for me.

I’ve struggled getting a full nights sleep for almost three weeks now. Today it has caught up with me.

Fortunately, I’m not giving myself that “word limit” to deal with, so I spent today working on everyone’s favourite subject: grammar!

Believe it or not, I was dealing with capitalization with my story. While that doesn’t sound too complicated, it is when dealing with proper nouns and names. Especially when – in a science fiction novel – there’s a lot of pilots. When do you capitalize the “C” in captain? Is it when you give the name? “Captain Derek?” What if you refer to Captain Derek later as captain? Do you capitalize the second “captain?”

Obviously through my sentences, I gave those answers away. There’s a few other situations where it was a problem – not to mention I have other ranking people in the story. Priests, fathers, mothers, presidents, lieutenants, privates, generals. . . and so on! As soon as I came home from work today, I went through my whole story and made the necessary adjustments. That’s all I have in me for the day though. I need to take tonight off to relax.

A lot of folks at work are getting sick. I cannot afford to get sick either.


I listened to my favourite Summoning album today: “Stronghold.” They are a ambient black metal band with music and lyrics primarily tied to the Lord of the Rings books. Despite the “scary” nature of that album cover, they’re music is really relaxing for me. It definitely helped me wind down.

Until tomorrow, friends!

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