Thirty Day Challenge – Day Twelve – Rated R

You know how I was all concerned about writing dialogue for my characters in yesterdays post?

I got started on writing it today, and wow, did it turn out easy! I didn’t know what to expect when I started writing it as I knew it was just going to be a challenge. But I just started writing and it just became clear to me. I don’t know how I got to be so lucky tonight – especially since I’m on like, zero hours of sleep, but it worked!

I am really looking forward to writing the rest of this scene. While I don’t think I’ll be finished it this weekend, I do know that it will be really fulfilling when its done. Why? Because this scene is one of the major scenes in my novel where things really begin to unravel for the characters. While sure, it’s mostly dialogue, it really sets the reader up for the rest of the story, plus answers some nagging questions the reader would have had early on. Not to mention, it will also pose new questions!

I gotta keep the reader interested!

Rated R

Queens of the Stone Age’s album, “Rated R” is a favourite of mine because it’s really all-over the place. It also has some incredible songs. “In the Fade” is what made me really love QotSA, so if you can, give it a listen to!

Ah, shucks. Here it is anyway:

Until tomorrow!

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