Thirty Day Challenge – Day Thirteen – Second Life Syndrome

There was definitely a bit of a lull when it came to writing today.

I have a lot on my plate this upcoming week which is more deserving of my attention (such as finding out that I’m moving in less than two weeks), so I’m a bit caught up there.

That being said, there was a lot of brainstorming today more than actual writing. I know that earlier parts of my story are lacking in details – both physical attributes for characters and also for scenes. Not to mention technology and what-not. While it’s not vital for my book, to get the reader truly engulfed into the story, I obviously have to make it interesting and believable.

“But Derek, didn’t you say you’ve planned all this out already?”

Why yes, Derek, I have. It was all fleshed out earlier on before I even started writing. But as for implementation, that was supposed to come naturally with the writing. As I’ve seemingly skipped most of it, I found myself drawing attention to it rather than progressing the story.

Who knows what tomorrow will bring?!

Second Life Syndrome

I listened to Riverside’s “Second Life Syndrome” as it’s all sorts of exciting.

Until tomorrow!

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