Thirty Day Challenge – Day Twenty-One – Scarsick

In case most of you haven’t heard: snow storm in Southern Ontario!

While I went to work this morning, I was let off in the afternoon as the weather continued to get worse. What a blessing!

I was able to finish unpacking everything in my new place, as well as focus a lot more time with writing. Even better, I’ve caught up on a few other things, making my stress levels plummet. Bonus!

Writing today was a lot of fun. I mean a LOT of fun. Knowing I’ll still have to go back and “fill out” the scenes with imagery and details on location, I for some reason, spent today doing so. As I mentioned yesterday, I went back and changed the scene I wrote. It wasn’t too bad.

I also came up with something clever for a name of something (I’m being purposefully vague). I have to talk it over with a pastor friend of mine to get it all sorted out/use his knowledge about the name. It’s just interesting, is all!


Today, I busted out Pain of Salvation’s concept album “Scarsick.” It’s a pretty emotional thrill ride, but also made for great back up music. I did find myself, however, zoning in and out from writing just so I could listen to some of the crafty lyrics and instrumentation.

Until tomorrow!

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