Thirty Day Challenge – Day Twenty-Two – Surtur Rising

Today was something.

I hope everyone was safe on the roads today given the snow. I skidded around a few times on some black ice. It was grand. But not really. . .

As for writing, it was alright. I really wasn’t feeling in the mood to write tonight as I’ve been feeling exhausted. Funny enough how I planned for tonight to be my “writing” night because I was supposed to be busier on Friday. Alas!

The progress on the story really didn’t impress me too much. I played around in the current scene some more, but nothing really special came out of it. It’s tough to keep relevant things prevalent in the story so often. ‘Tis the writer’s life for me!

Surtur Rising

It wouldn’t be my first choice to listen to when writing, but because I still do not have my albums unpacked, I had to listen to Amon Amarth’s “Surtur Rising.”

I’m trying to vary the albums I play each day to at least keep some excitement going. I’m reaching the end of the barrel now though. I’ll have to go digging for more albums tonight.

Until tomorrow!

3 thoughts on “Thirty Day Challenge – Day Twenty-Two – Surtur Rising

  1. Music is always good for getting those writing inspirationy thingies flowing. I have to be careful when listening to music while actually writing, though, since sometimes it’ll just end up distracting me with its awesomeness.

    1. Hi Piscis,

      It’s strange, but when I did this thirty day challenge last year, I listened to the same album on repeat the entire time because anything else would distract me. Here I am a year later, listening to whatever I have available. Maybe it’s because I’ve grown as a writer? Maybe I’ve gained “listener’s tolerance?” (I made that up). I don’t know!

      It’s definitely distracting at times, but during this challenge, it’s only proven to be pretty relaxing – minus yesterday’s music. I dug up some more albums for today’s writing. We’ll see what happens!

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