Thirty Day Challenge – Day Twenty-Three – A Dramatic Turn of Events

What an eventful day!

I performed twice today, danced a jig, got groceries, then came home and wrote. Somewhere in there I ate.

Once again, the story writing did not progress today as well as I had expected. I was left feeling pretty tired today. Unfortunately, my writing suffered for it. I got a little bit more written, but nothing too exciting to report, really. These past two posts certainly are the “blah” posts of the writing challenge. “Blah posts?” What am I even saying?

I do have the day off tomorrow. I only have a few errands to run, so hopefully I can get quite a bit of writing accomplished.

A Dramatic Turn of Events

I busted out the newest release of my favourite band, Dream Theater. Their 2011 album “A Dramatic Turn of Events” was pretty decent. It’s a pretty straight-forward record. If anything, I like listening to it for the production value, rather than the songs.

Now I’m going to write some other projects.

Until tomorrow!

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