Congratulations DC!

Can you believe it?

DC has successfully sold-out, and are beginning second-printings on ALL 52 titles!

When an industry like comic books are on the brink of extinction – something incredible happens and spins it around! What’s even more incredible is that there is still tons of profit towards digital content which DC has not spoke of yet. And for the big kicker from

“To help feed the demand (and to provide a holiday product supporting the launch), DC is releasing DC Comics: The New 52, a hardcover collection of all 52 stories, on December 7th (to comic stores; other channels street December 13th). The volume will retail for $150.00.”

I think that’s an excellent idea. I’ve read a bit of the new 52 and was unable to fork out as much money as I could for all of the comics on my pull list. I think this is an excellent way to continue their excellent idea.

DC New 52

Although I was worried at first, it really seems like DC has everything under control. This has officially helped the comic industry – and I really hope it continues to.

Even with recent objections to how Catwoman and Starfire have been depicted in comics, DC came out on their Twitter feed and stated in two Tweets:

“We’ve heard what’s being said about Starfire today and we appreciate the dialogue on this topic.”
“We encourage people to pay attention to the ratings when picking out any books to read themselves or for their children.”

Well-handled. To top it all off, they got the message about how upset people were with the depictions.

If you would like to know more about that, jump over to to check it out.

As for me, I’ll be moving to a new house in a few days – so just hang in there. I’ll be back soon enough.

Keep on Space Truckin’ until I return!


Advanced Preview of Uncanny X-Men’s Final Issue

We’re one issue to go until Uncanny X-Men comes to a close. On October 19th, the mutants will split off into two factions and forever change the X-Universe.

Written by Kieron Gillen, a man who really has proved his writing and knowledge skills with the flagship title, will be bringing the series to the close with – gah, I hate to say it – Greg Land. Click on the images for a bigger view.

Greg Land Uncanny X-Men

Although his splash page does come off as rather nostalgic and touching for me, I can’t stop staring at the atrocities Land’s committed. Firstly, how incredibly stiff is everyone? Kitty Pryde doesn’t even have hands. They’re pylons!

And let us not forget how ridiculously fake Jean’s breasts look. I know Emma’s are supposed to look fake, but even now, they seem more real than Jean’s.

What’s Juggernaut doing? What’s with Nimrods head?

I’m also 100% sure I’ve seen this Wolverine face before. . .

Wolverine Land

But what I AM excited for with this issue is the return of my all-time favourite Marvel villain:

Mr. Sinister Uncanny X-Men

Yes, it’s Mr. Sinister. He’s been “dead” since the Messiah Complex storyline. I can’t help but wonder what shenanigans he’ll get the X-Men into now.

Well, once again, the X-Men are about to make history!

Keep on Space Truckin’!

The Avengers Video Game and/or Movie

Not too long ago, I mentioned how the Avengers video game would have been based off the movie because the screenshots revealed.

Amidst all the hooplah containing who the villain(s) is/are for Joss Whedon’s Avengers movie, I was pretty certain that it was Loki with Skrulls. While I still do believe that, I do not think the video game had anything to do with the movie to begin with.

Thinking about it now however, the game would have been developed before Whedon penned the script for The Avengers movie. I really think this is just one big coincidence.

What changed my mind:

Comic Book Resources recently grabbed some clips from (which has since removed the video) featuring “footage” from the now-canceled Avengers game. This includes showing that the game would have been played from both a first-and-third person perspective. Imaging being the Hulk, waving those big green hands around? And no, I don’t mean these things:

Smash Hands

Yes, that’s an a Skrull as Cyclops from the Secret Invasion stories. Could Marvel have been planning on following through after their Ultimate Alliance 2 with the next big storyline? So it seemed.

Cyclops Skrull X-Men

And given THQ Australia would not dictate what would be in the Avengers movie, it’s a fair assumption that the game was meant to be its own separate entity just to follow along with the Avengers movie itself – regardless of the villains.

No, this is not controversial news at all. It’s just really neat to see what goes on in the background when movies are developed.

I wonder if THQ is kicking themselves now for canceling the game. . .

Keep on Space Truckin’!

Avengers: The Children’s Crusade

There’s very few Marvel stories that rarely get me excited every time I pick up a new issue. This is even truer when it comes to books released on a bi-monthly schedule. I mean, who remembers what happened two months ago?

Avengers: The Children’s Crusade has been an on-going story mixed with incredible drama, high-action, and brilliant art. To top it all off, it drastically has an effect on the Marvel Universe – despite it being considered only a mini-event.

Each issue has me begging for more. With each issue that goes by, I have no idea how the series could conclude. Indeed, this series should have been marketed much stronger by Marvel.

Avengers Children's Crusade

Avengers: The Children’s Crusade #7 of 9
Allan Heinberg (writer), Jim Cheung (pencils, cover), Mark Morales, John Livesay, Dexter Vines, & Jim Cheung (inks), Justin Ponsor (colours, cover), Cory Petit (letters). $3.99

Concluding last issue, Wanda restores the powers of the mutant Rictor from X-Factor – showing that she can reverse all of the effects done by her on M-Day. But of course, arriving on the scene, The Avengers, Magneto and the X-Men have their particular opinions to what should happen with Wanda. The Avengers want her back to normal, while Magneto wants her to herself. Surprisingly, Cyclops acts the most irrational of the bunch and demands justice for the damage she has caused.

Heinberg leaves the reader to quietly debate who has the most reasonable argument for what to do with Wanda. But for the first time in the series, we finally get to hear Wanda’s voice and her opinions. With so many voices in the story from various characters, you never feel confused on who’s who. Unlike particular Avengers books where voices become jumbled in the crowd (ie. Spider-Man & Hawkeye, Spider-Woman & Ms. Marvel), everyone in TCC has their unique personality – and it shows.

The story certainly takes a turn however, when Doctor Doom is thrown into the mix. A bit of background is finally given to “How Wanda ended up with Doom after M-Day” and it actually makes sense. To top it off, the tension in the last few pages between the Young Avengers and Doom will absolutely knock your socks off.

What else could I say about Jim Cheung’s art? He gets two months to work on this book and it shows. The intense detail given to each individual, the clarity to backgrounds, the pages with over ten different characters on it – all looks effortlessly immaculate. While my eye is not trained to identify inkers, it can be seen when they are changed in the artwork. All of it is tastefully done when involving a scenery change. As for Ponsor, never have I loved the colour pink or red so much as I have in these stories.

My only quibbles are with minute details: Cyclops acts nothing like how he would in an X-book and comes off rather ridiculous – even striking Captain America first. Of course, the other issue is Rogue’s bizarre costume-style which madam Kelly Thompson has already discussed on her blog.

It’s a shame that this series is ending in two more issues. The bigger shame is that it will still take four months to conclude.

Grade: 8.5/10

As a side note, you can see Rictor with his powers now in X-Factor #225 which was released today. If anything, this is a pretty big tip to help us figure out when The Children’s Crusade actually takes place in the Marvel Universe. (We’re not in X-Men Schism territory yet).

Speaking of Schism, please pick up X-Men: Schism #4 by Jason Aaron and the legendary Alan Davis.

X-Men Schism 4

After the Schism Preludes and three semi-lull issues of Schism itself, we finally have it: If there was any book to explain what splits the X-Men apart, THIS is it. Get on board and watch the X-Men split apart.

Happy Birthday,!

Can you believe that it has already been one year for I sure can’t.

Look at the comic book world, though. Tons happened in just ONE year. Just take a look:

Since I’ve started

  • Major characters Johnny Storm, the Human Torch, as well as Bucky Barnes, died.
  • X-Men: First Class, Green Lantern, Captain America and Thor were all released into theaters.
  • Joe Quesada stepped-down as Marvel’s Editor-in-Chief after ten years to allow Axel Alonso to step-in.
  • Bob Harras became the new Editor-in-Chief for DC Comics.
  • Namor: The First Mutant began in October 2010 and was canceled in August 2011.
  • The Walking Dead became a hit television show.
  • Jubilee became a vampire.
  • Alpha Flight returned from the dead in Chaos War and are now in a new on-going series.
  • Digital comics are making their way into Starbucks chains.
  • Ultimate Spider-Man is no longer Peter Parker but Miles Morales!
  • And of course: DC rebooted their entire comic book line!

    Justice Leage DC Reboot

    And that’s just the tip of the iceberg.

    What started off as a site for me to publish my own thoughts for comic discussion and writing tips suddenly became a site of reference for a lot of people.

    Articles on comics I’ve done, such as describing what CGC Comics are, and explaining why there are different barcodes on earlier comics have been major draws to the site.

    Of course, I cannot forget to mention my other draws here, such as discussing body images in comics, the hyper-sexualization of women in comics, and discussing how tackling racism in comics has seemingly disappeared.

    But what I really do appreciate this site for is the community around it.

    Since starting, I’ve really connected with a lot of comic book fans. We engage in discussions, shoot ideas off one another, and really just enjoy doing what we’re doing.

    Captain America Poster

    Although I have slacked in updates as of late, I really do remain dedicated to this site. I still check upon it every day and always have ideas to write out on this. Expect a lot more to happen as I press-on!

    So here’s to another year! And as always, keep on Space Truckin’!

    Comics for September 7th – How Will DC Continue?

    If there is one Marvel “Point One” issue that hits the nail on the head, it was this weeks X-Factor #224.1 by Peter David. Not only is it a great introduction to each individual character in the story, but it serves with some laugh-out-loud humour, light-hearted action, and an incredible final page that leaves your jaw dropped down to the floor.

    THIS book is, in my opinion, what makes comics so great.

    X-Factor Point One

    Speaking of great, did anyone see Gabriele Dell’Otto’s artwork in New Avengers Annual #1?! Gadzooks! Like, look at this work!

    New Avengers Annual

    I’m sure it’s also well-known that DC Comics has started their new 52 line up already. Blogger JimSmash has already said a lot about it. Please check it out. It’s quite touching.

    This week featured the new re-launches of DC’s major comics, Action Comics, Detective Comics, Batgirl, Green Arrow, Swamp Thing and many more. So now that most of the big stuff has been released, how will DC keep this momentum going? I mean, once all of their #1’s are released, much like normal comic sales, they’ll start to drop after that. Right?

    I listened to an interview with Todd McFarlane about a month ago on the DC reboot. He suggested that DC should have kept releasing the 52 #1’s every month – with a big title each month for a while. His reason being is that when DC’s limelight is over by the end of September, that leaves room for other publishes just to scoop up everything else.

    I have to go ahead and agree with him on this. Sure, they could start again with “first appearances” to keep fans interested, but nothing will keep them in the news more than what they are doing right now.

    But who knows? On the other hand, DC’s really pushing the digital comic market at the same time. Maybe that will take off? Indeed, there is much uncertainty revolving around this industry at the moment. I really hope DC does well, despite me not being an avid reader – solely because I would hate to see the industry die-out.

    Until next time, keep on Space Truckin’!

    A Brilliant Week and DC’s First 52

    If you ever wanted to know what it was like to see a movie done in comic book fashion, read the absolutely stunning and gorgeous issue of Uncanny X-Force #14 by Rick Remender and Jerome Opena. This book was one heckuva emotional thrill-ride from the get-go.

    Uncanny X-Force

    One awesome thing about this book is that there is no Wolverine to overshadow everything. He is never the main character. But if you want a brilliant X-book to pick up that stands alone, read Uncanny X-Force right now! P.S. *Spoiler* Archangel is becoming Apocalypse. Read this now!

    I don’t even care if you’ve never read a comic book before in your life. This story with its art, is the best thing to have hit shelves (and that I’ve actually read).

    But speaking of emotional thrill-rides, this week also concluded Greg Pak’s entire run of Incredible Hulk! Yes, with Incredible Hulks #635, the series has officially concluded and will be, of course, rebooted in October.

    Incredible Hulks

    The story was quite the epic conclusion with two great stories. One with a big battle in the end while the other is very heartwarming. It’s an over-sized issue for $3.99 and is completely worth every cent.

    As for what things are worth, Wednesday sparked DC’s FIRST new issue of the “New 52.” Justice League #1 was released and already problems are arising. You see, along with the release, DC also decided that on the same day as the physical copy is released, that they will publish the comic digitally too – via a paid subscription. Yes, it will possibly change the comic book medium forever. However, the big problem is that pirates have already started leaking the first issue about an hour before it was released digitally to the world.

    At this current time on ThePirateBay, there are 276 Seeders (people who upload), while there are only 8 Leechers (people who download).

    Meanwhile, Comic Book Resources recent poll shows that about 50% of people polled found the book either average of sub-par.

    DC! What are you going to do?!

    Meanwhile, here’s some canceled video game art from The Avengers video game. I hope you like villain spoilers.

    Keep on Space Truckin’!