Preparations Are In Order

With my thirty-day writing challenge starting tomorrow, I’ve had to prepare myself both mentally and scheduleally (it’s a new word, okay?). I have a lot coming up in the next few weeks and finding time to write for a little bit certainly gets complicated.

But I refuse to let life get in the way!

Besides, I have Grimlock providing me dinner.


ANYWAY! I cannot be more excited for this challenge, primarily because I’m not giving myself a word limit. It’s going to be creative artistry at its finest. I mean, given I’m not some uber-exciting artsy-farsty kind of guy, I’m sure it won’t be the “finest.” What I do know is that I have the heart to get this finished and completed.

I have the heart to tell the story I want to tell.

I have the heart to give the message I want to give.

I have the heart to really make something incredible happen.

It’s not only going to be great for me to do, it will also be something that I love to do. Another way to look at it is: my love for something is creating this.

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